ProMer technology

ProMer is a technology that involves the genetic fusion of two proteins via a proprietary linker

Our publications (*,**) have demonstrated that this approach is capable on significantly increasing the half-life of biologicals without affecting their activity. In addition to prolonging half-life, this patented technology can be exploited to produce protein homodimers and heterodimers (e.g. bispecific single chain antibodies, bispecific ligands, immunotoxins, fluorescent proteins, etc.). 


Possible ProMer applications:

The ProMer structure and length can be further adjusted according to unique features and mode of action of particular proteins.

ProMer advantages:
Manufacturing process is simple since there is no need of additional chemical modifications
Proteins constructed with ProMer technology can be effectively produced in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells.

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**Generation of dimeric single-chain antibodies neutralizing the cytolytic activity of vaginolysin. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, Volume 28, July 2017, Pages 52-57